Helping Public Sector organisations achieve best value from the PCS procurement process

CCRS Brokers Ltd are different. We have a track record of delivering competitive and advantageous results for public sector clients as we understand your compliance requirements with the PCS procurement process. We will design a service programme for you where we provide the support you need to make your procurement journey as streamlined as possible whilst delivering best value.

We understand the difficulties you face

Due to the complex nature of insurance placement, the PCS procurement process generally does not generate enough competition to deliver the best value for public sector organisations. Our specialist pre-tender engagement process addresses this issue whilst continuing to ensure the tendering process is fully transparent and adheres with EU rules.

We have consistently encouraged engagement from insurers who, traditionally, are unwilling to respond to PCS tenders through our early engagement methods and assisting you to gather the underwriting information insurers need via:

  • Business Familiarisation Days
  • Risk Audits
  • Due Diligence of your existing policies
  • Claims Analysis
This not only delivers competitive premiums but wider cover and specialist wordings. All public Sector bodies are different and have their own unique cover requirements which is why we believe securing bespoke policy wording is key to ensuring there are no issues in the event of a claim.

Let us be the professional adviser you can rely on

CCRS Brokers Ltd understand the unique challenges you face as a public sector organisation and we know the importance of having a professional adviser you can rely on for any insurance or risk management needs throughout the policy year. We pride ourselves on the long-term relationships we have built with the public sector over several years and are committed to work in partnership with all sections of your organisations to provide the level of support you need. Our Service Level Agreements can be designed to complement your existing insurance or risk management teams, or we can act as your own insurance division; we will build a partnership that works for you.

We believe that insurance should be far more than just a document or a promise to pay a claim: Your insurance programme and broker appointment should deliver real value to your organisation so, in addition to PCS procurement support, we can offer:

  • Technical cover critiques
  • Gap analysis
  • Full claims management service
  • Risk management support and training
  • Additional added value services

Our Core Values

Partnership, Understanding, Value and Extraordinary Service

Our core values influence our approach to all things and place you at the core of our business. As an independent broker, we can fully commit to transparency in terms of remuneration and putting the needs of your organisation first. We will always look for new ways we can enhance your programme and will always challenge insurers on your behalf and hold them accountable; we do not accept complacency from any of our agency base!

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