Bespoke policies that meet the individual needs of the Charity Sector

CCRS understand the challenges associated with the risk management and insurance programmes of charity sector organisations and the unique procurement requirements some may face. We recognise that the charity sector is so diverse that each organisation has their own individual requirements and that a standard package insurance policy will not be able to meet your distinct needs. As a CCRS client, we will design a bespoke policy that fully protects your charity.

Compliance is fundamental for all organisations. CCRS can carry out an independent Due Diligence review of your existing arrangements and provide recommendations for improvement. This technical cover critique will provide a detailed analysis of the policy cover you have in place and highlight any gaps you should be aware of. We have carried out this exercise for an extensive range of Charities, Charitable Trusts, Care Providers, Community Groups and Voluntary Sector Organisations allowing them to make informed risk transfer decisions.

Keep up to date with changing legislation

Legislation is continually changing which places additional pressures on your organisation. Our annual review process ensures that legislative changes will not negatively affect your insurance cover. For those organisations involved in the care and support of vulnerable people, there has been a rise in claims for historical abuse and we can address this key concern by arranging appropriate insurance protection. CCRS keep up to date of all new legislation (Limitation (Childhood Abuse) (Scotland) Act 2017 & Civil Litigation (Expenses and Group Proceedings) (Scotland) Act 2018 as well as recent Supreme Court cases that have extended the scope of vicarious liability. This allows us to work with underwriters to protect your legal liabilities because we understand your sector and the legislative environment in which you operate.

Solutions for charities of all sizes

We work with charities of all sizes who provide services and support to all sections of society. We appreciate the work you do which is why we like to give back collectively with insurers to help you continue to provide services to our communities.

Our cost-effective insurance solutions will not only reduce your annual premium spend but provide you with the support and professional advice you need to be confident your organisation is protected.

We will work with you to design an insurance programme that will:

  • Protect your assets, revenue and reputation
  • Ensure compliance with the Insurance Act 2015
  • Demonstrate good Corporate Governance
  • Offer long term deals and finance options to assist with budgeting and cash flow
  • Protect your reputation

We are committed to driving genuine competition annually and delivering value year on year. Our charity specific cover will ensure you have the widest cover at the most competitive pricing and our added value and risk management services will help you mitigate risk.

Full claims support

We provide a comprehensive Claims Management service providing ‘cradle to grave’ support. Our inhouse claims specialists will work in partnership with you to make the claims process as efficient and seamless as possible.

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