Meet Our Team: Scott McLaws

Celebrating 10 Years at CCRS


A number of our colleagues have recently celebrated some big work anniversaries at CCRS. So we thought it was the perfect time to introduce you all to some of our amazing team members and find out just how they have found working at CCRS. Our ‘Meet our Team’ series will look at how they started at CCRS, how their career progressed, their highlights, and advice they would give to people starting in the insurance industry.


Meet Scott

Scott is one of CCRS’ Senior Account Directors and a valued member of our team. Scott joined CCRS in the company’s early days in 2011 and has progressed from Trainee Account Director to Senior Account Director. Here, Scott tells us a bit more about his time at CCRS.



How did you start your career at CCRS? What position did you apply for? How did you discover CCRS?

I applied for the position as trainee account director in June 2011. The position became known to me via a friend I played football with who knew Neil (the company director) who was looking to grow a fairly new business with the right kind of people that were looking to advance a career in insurance.


How has your career progressed in the past 10 years?

Technically I still do the same role compared to the role I started the company with in terms that I manage clients insurance accounts and still do. My career has progressed in that I deal with a great deal more clients and much more complex insurance risks than those I managed when I began at CCRS. I have progressed from a Trainee Account Director to a Senior Account Director over those 10 years.


What is your current role and responsibilities?

I manage a portfolio of clients’ insurance risks from a broad range of sectors dealing with all aspects of insurance.


What has been your highlight working at CCRS?

Seeing my client base grow into a diverse interesting portfolio and becoming a senior member of the company over time.


What advice would you give someone considering a career in Insurance? And specifically, why should they consider CCRS as an employer?

My advice would be that the industry has many different roles and career paths that once you get started in the insurance industry and put the time in to understand it you can have a varied and fulfilling career if you keep your options open and are willing to continue to learn and grow as your career progresses. This is the case within CCRS with so many different roles available from claims, accounts, account handling to account director.


What do you feel are the main challenges for insurance brokers in the current climate? And how do you feel CCRS are overcoming these challenges?

The main challenges for an insurance broker at present is helping their clients navigate the tough climate all businesses are dealing with following the pandemic in 2020 and supporting them to understand the value of having quality advice and the correct insurance in place to support their business when needed. CCRS are overcoming these challenges by providing better risk information to the client from risk audits to due diligence reports to make it simple for the client to understand what is covered and any areas of weakness which could be addressed in their risk transfer programme.


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