Meet our team - Colin Morgan

Meet Our Team: Colin Morgan

Celebrating 6 Years at CCRS


A number of our colleagues have recently celebrated some big work anniversaries at CCRS.So we thought it was the perfect time to introduce you all to some of our amazing team members and find out just how they have found working at CCRS. Our ‘Meet our Team’ series will look at how they started at CCRS, how their career progressed, their highlights, and advice they would give to people starting in the insurance industry.


Meet Colin

Colin Morgan is one of CCRS’ Account Directors and a valued member of the team. Colin joined in 2015 and has over 12 years of experience in the insurance industry. Here, Colin tells us a bit more about his time at CCRS.


How did you start your career at CCRS? What position did you apply for? How did you discover CCRS?

I was working for Hiscox who were relocating operations to York, so I had to search for a new job. A friend who was working with CCRS at the time suggested I’d be a good fit, so ‘put a word in’. I met with our MD Neil and soon had offers from CCRS and Axa. I saw a greater opportunity to progress my career with CCRS, so made the move from insurer to broker.


How has your career progressed in the past 5 years?

I started as an Account Handler and didn’t initially have any specific ambitions beyond learning the job and cementing myself as a trusted member of the team. Around a year into my role, just as I was about to take leave for my wedding, Neil advised he wanted to promote me to the Account Director role and 5 years on, that’s the role I continue to do.


What is your current role and responsibilities?

I remain in the Account Director role and look after a large book of CCRS clients, handing renewals and all mid-term queries. My core responsibilities are to provide a high level of service to our clients and manage the insurance market to secure solutions that meet client needs and provide value. I’m also heavily involved in our innovation projects as I enjoy looking at ways to improve our efficiency and ultimately enhance the service we provide to our clients.


How do you feel CCRS has supported your career during the last 5 years?

From the beginning, I felt I had the faith and trust of the management at CCRS and the collaborative approach meant I had, and continue to have an excellent support network. I was always told I would have opportunities to develop my career and this allowed a certain freedom to pursue my chosen career path with the full backing of the management.


What has been your highlight working at CCRS?

Working on my first new business opportunity only a few months into my role at CCRS alongside Neil. It stands out not only because it was my first success in a new job but also due to Neil granting my request to look after the client longer-term, even though a colleague had been earmarked. Again, it showed faith in me and I continue to look after this client today.


How would you describe the culture at CCRS?

There is a real open-door culture, where you have the opportunity to voice your opinions and have an impact on the company. There’s a collaborative approach to working where everyone is approachable, which is a key ingredient to a successful team. Overall, I think there’s an environment where you can be fairly rewarded for your contribution to the business.


What advice would you give someone considering a career in Insurance? And specifically, why should they consider CCRS as an employer?

Generally, I feel insurance is a strong career choice with a huge variety of job roles to consider, so there is something to suit everyone. Specifically, looking at the broking side of insurance, I would highlight the importance of attention to detail in everything you do.


I would recommend CCRS for all the reasons highlighted in prior questions. It’s a supportive environment where you can progress your career, providing you have the right application and desire.


What do you feel are the main challenges for insurance brokers in the current climate? And how do you feel CCRS are overcoming these challenges?

There are two key challenges currently, one being the general insurance market downturn and the other being a lack of face-to-face contact with clients. The market conditions require determination to find solutions through market knowledge, insurer relationships, and creative thinking, which I think CCRS excel at. Our procedures are well-geared to working in a challenging market place as we like to work in advance and have a detailed Risk Audit process that focuses on high-quality risk information, allowing us to present our client’s business in the best way possible to achieve insurer engagement.

While it could now be argued we had too much face-to-face contact previously, the enforced shift to remote working during the change in market conditions has required clear and open communication with clients to give them the confidence we will find solutions. The partnership ethos at CCRS has helped overcome this challenge due to the strong, trusting relationships we have with our client base.


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