Coronavirus – Travel Advice and Guidance

As you may be aware from various news reports, the coronavirus (officially named COVID-19) is affecting many parts of the world and the situation is developing daily.

You should be aware of the potential impact of the virus outbreak on your business operations, including you or your staff travelling abroad.

In order to keep up to date with the latest health advice, the following government web sites should be regularly reviewed: Coronavirus UpdatesNHS England Coronavirus updates

Scotland NHS Coronavirus updatesNorthern Ireland Coronavirus Updates

Wales Coronavirus Updates

These sites include information for travellers returning from affected areas, precautions to prevent infection, recognising the potential symptoms, self-isolation and when and how to seek medical assistance.

If you have arranged or are considering arranging overseas travel or if you and/or your staff are currently abroad you should also check the current Foreign and Commonwealth Office foreign travel advice which can be found at:

If we arrange a Business Travel Insurance Policy on your behalf this may provide assistance if your travel plans are impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

Provided your arrangements have not been made contrary to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office foreign travel advice in force at the time the following assistance may be available:

Insurer Travel Assistance Services

Available by phone, app or web site as per the documentation we will have provided to you and can include:

  • Country reports, travel alerts, global news watch alerts and virtual GP consultations
  • Emergency medical assistance
  • Emergency travel assistance (e.g. accommodation, alternative travel, emergency money transfer)

If a previously arranged journey has to be cancelled, curtailed, rearranged, replaced or delayed as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, your insurance policy may also include cover for expenses incurred subject to the policy terms and conditions.

You should refer to our own claims department or the insurance company’s claims contact (which will be included in the policy documentation) before cancelling, rearranging or replacing any trips to ensure the cover will be in force.


Please contact your CCRS Account Director if you:

  • Have any queries on this communication
  • Have a query on your current policy cover
  • Wish to obtain a quotation to arrange this cover


Get in Touch  if you would like any more information


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