CCRS Apprentice – Jamie Buchanan

Jamie joined CCRS in 2013 as a CCRS Apprentice through Jobs & Business Glasgow. Jobs & Business Glasgow are a charity organisation who support Glasgow residents to take part in training and move into work. Jamie completed a 6-week course where he was then placed with CCRS as an Apprentice on a 6-week placement. After staying with us for a further month, Jamie was offered a permanent position and has been with us ever since.

What made you decide to do an Apprenticeship through Jobs & Business Glasgow?

After 5th year of school, I didn’t have the best grades and I had to decide to either stay on for 6th year to try and get some better results and get into college or try to get a job – which I thought was the better option.

My friend’s mum was a career advisor who put me in touch with Jobs & Business Glasgow and it all happened from there. I completed a 6-week training course and was then placed with CCRS Brokers.

What roles have you worked in at CCRS and how have you progressed?

When I started as an apprentice, I was doing general administration. I completed tasks such as photocopying, scanning, conducting market research, updating systems and spreadsheets and taking meeting minutes. It gave me good experiencer of working in an office environment and helped me learn about the business.

Once I became a permanent employee I moved into Accounts. After working in Accounts for a while, I realised that I wanted to become a Broker and work more on the insurance and client-side, so I became a trainee broker. In this role I got a lot of experience working on the client side and working with insurers. I am now an Account Handler and I am hoping to work towards becoming a Senior Account Handler.

Have you had any training since joining CCRS?

When I worked in the Accounts department, I studied for a finance qualification, going to college in the evenings and completed two courses. After deciding I wanted to become a Broker, I completed my Certificate in Insurance (Cert CII) and I am currently working towards my Diploma in Insurance. I am on a fast-track course ran by CII where I go to University and a tutor one day a month. All my training has been fully supported and funded by CCRS.

What do you like about working for CCRS Brokers?

Some of my favourite things about my job here are completing the insurance marketing exercises, where I speak to insurers to get the best value for our clients and negotiate deals. I also get my own clients to work on, I have a dedicated client list which I really like. There are good progression routes in the business, and I can see how I can get to the next stage in my career. CCRS have always supported my decisions in this. There are lots of opportunities to go to events and networking which will help me further my career. I also really like the people I work with, it’s a really great team.

Would you recommend going down the Apprentice route to others?

The apprentice route has really worked for me. I’ve managed to get a job straight from school and get the training and experience I needed to progress my career. I would recommend it to anyone who is considering taking the apprentice route.


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