Fuel Distributors Insurance

Innovative Fuel Distributors Insurance Coverage in a Limited Marketplace

We recognise the unique exposures associated within the fuel distributors insurance sector and are fully familiar with the traditional insurance solutions currently available in the marketplace.

CCRS Brokers have developed, with the support of A rated insurance partners, an alternative option that is both innovative and market-leading yet inclusive of the necessary spillage, crossover and pollution covers associated with this sector.

As an experienced broker within this sector, we have consistently identified common and significant deficiencies which our proposition addresses. Some of the most prevalent issues are;

  • Inadequate Buildings Definition
  • Incorrect Basis of BI
  • Inadequate Professional Fees
  • Uninsured Contractual Arrangements
  • Environmental Legislative Gaps
  • Inappropriate Rating Basis
  • Deductible Levels

Thinking Outside the Box

Historically in this sector, the focus has been on Liability and Motor related exposures. In addition to providing a solution to these, the CCRS Brokers proposition also focuses on revenue and reputation protection along with emerging risks such as Crime/Cyber Insurance.

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