Our Vision

Communication is key to any relationship. CCRS Brokers strives to build strong bonds between insurers and clients. This way, we can ensure every business need is heard and that your insurance programme adapts to meet these needs as your business grows.

Our Vision

CCRS Brokers is an independent insurance broker, committed to providing our clients with policies that specifically match their business needs. Our vision is dependant on our core values: to work in Partnership with our clients and insurers to Understand the practicalities of their business, clearly demonstrate Value and deliver Extraordinary Service.


We believe in forging mutually beneficial Partnerships with clients and insurers to ensure maximum satisfaction for all parties.

CCRS Brokers aims to build strong business relationships so that we are able to work harmoniously together to achieve a shared vision.

CCRS Brokers have formed numerous Partnerships with industry leading insurers allowing us access to competitive pricing for policies which are exclusively available through A rated insurers.

We want to build lasting bonds with our partners and this requires open and honest communication. Whilst we are open to feedback and suggestions for improvement, CCRS Brokers is also committed to providing our clients with support whenever they require it. We assign a CCRS Brokers Account Director to each client account, so that every client can build a relationship with their service team and so that they have a familiar point of contact for all queries.

Our Partnerships with trade associations include:

Understanding: at CCRS Brokers we understand that every client is unique and has specialised requirements.

We are committed to providing a service that recognises the practicalities of your business and the values of your organisation.

CCRS Brokers is considered a thought-leader within the insurance industry. Working with a range of clients and insurers means that we are able to provide a perspective of ‘the bigger picture’ to your organisation as well as offer access to exclusive products only available to CCRS Brokers clients. We strive to meet clients’ expectations by demonstrating an empathetic and pragmatic approach to every individual business need or concern.

CCRS Brokers understands the challenges many business owners face when confronted by risk, particularly financially. Our in-depth knowledge of different insurance sectors has allowed us to develop a unique formula for producing due diligence reports and this allows us to create comprehensive risk audits, designed to portray our clients attractively to insurers.

CCRS Brokers is committed to working with you to protect areas of vulnerability and assist your business reach its full potential, without the burden of additional concerns.

CCRS Brokers believes that Value is an important part of any client’s decision when choosing a broker.

We understand that Value is not just a monetary figure but relies on many other contributing factors such as additional services, service level agreements, risk audit and diligence reviews between the client, the insurer and CCRS Brokers.

In order to provide added Value to our clients, CCRS Brokers will always seek the most suitable insurer and policy for their needs. By cherry-picking insurers who specialise in our clients’ field we are also able to offer specific risk management support and training for them at a reduced rate or as part of their insurance package.

CCRS Brokers want to offer the best insurance solution on the market and we welcome competition as this causes us to challenge ourselves to develop and grow. We are committed to providing our clients with wider cover, a risk management service and excellent customer support through the offer of a high value service to clients.

Extraordinary Service is a principle that CCRS Brokers prides itself on.

Extraordinary Service is incredibly important to us. We are driven to ensure that each client feels that they are receiving the best service available to them and we are always willing to respond to any queries, no matter how trivial.

Our team of experts have many years’ experience in the insurance industry and this means that you can rely on them for confident, efficient handling of your account.

CCRS Brokers is committed to having regular contact with clients to ensure that we continue to understand the individual needs of the business.  We ensure that each client is assigned a personal Account Director from CCRS Brokers, and because we hold regular meetings with our clients, you will always have a friendly face to turn to. This also ensures an extremely high level of service due to the personal investment of your account executive.

We welcome feedback and this close contact allows us to adapt our services as our clients’ needs develop. Our team are always prepared to go the extra mile and are determined to ensure we exceed your expectations.

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Our Vision
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